Current Logging Projects

Bark monitors all timber sales proposed on Mt. Hood and uses the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to engage with the U.S. Forest Service in the decision-making process. NEPA requires the Forest Service to analyze the environmental impacts of proposed timber sales and provide information to the public to comment on the proposal. Here are the current projects that Bark and our dedicated volunteers are monitoring currently and where there is active logging.


Logging In Progress

  • Bear Springs Timber Sale
  • Bi-County Timber Sale
  • Goat Mountain Timber Sale
  • Grove Timber Sale
  • Hole in the Road Timber Sale
  • Hunter Timber Sale
  • Jazz Timber Sale
  • Lava Timber Sale
  • Lemiti Butte Timber Sale
  • North Clack Timber Sale
  • North Fork Mill Creek Timber Sale
  • North Fork Mill Creek Timber Sale Revised
  • Red Hill Timber Sale

For over 20 years, Bark has monitored each and every timber sale proposed within the Mt. Hood National Forest area.

See Past Timber Sales Here