Education Programs

Our Education Programs are where exploration meets activism, and knowledge fuels advocacy. These programs are designed to immerse participants in the intricate tapestry of forest ecosystems while empowering them to become informed and engaged stewards of the environment.

Through our Rad-i-cle Activist Trainings, participants gain the skills and understanding needed to navigate the forest landscape, recognize ecological conditions, and advocate for sustainable practices.

Led by passionate volunteers, our monthly guided hikes, or Bark Outs, delve into forest ecology, policy, and social justice, fostering a deeper connection to the environment and inspiring advocacy.

Inner Bark provides a space for community members to deepen their understanding of forest ecosystems and the social issues intertwined with them. Through expert presentations, group discussions, and access to resources, participants engage in meaningful dialogue and explore avenues for environmental stewardship.

The Understory Book Club offers participants an opportunity to delve into a more diverse canon of environmental literature that expands our understanding of environmental issues and promotes environmental justice.