Volunteer Resources

Find the information you need to jump into Bark’s fieldwork below.

Fieldwork falls under two categories: Groundtruthing and Wetland Surveys. Groundtruthing covers potential timber sales, post-logging monitoring, and firetruthing. Wetland Surveys include wetland mapping and beaver habitat surveys. Click on an event below for registration information and event details. Groundtruthing destinations will be updated as the event dates approach. We’re excited to see you in the field!


Field surveys and trainings are on the calendar below for mid-April-August! Click on the events below to register and check back for further updates.

Contact Michael, Bark’s Forest Watch Director or Misha, Bark’s Forest Assistant, with any questions not answered below.

What to Expect on a Field Day

Base Camp 2022

This year we are having 4 free campouts in the Mt. Hood National Forest where campers contribute their time to help gather field information about the ecosystem surrounding Mt. Hood.