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Interested in getting involved? Inner Bark and 101 Trainings happen indoors and are not physically difficult. Other trainings, campouts, groundtruthing, beaver habitat surveys and wetland mapping surveys will be outside with moderate activity. Click on an event below for registration information and event details. Destinations will be updated as the event dates approach. We’re excited to see you in the forest!


Click on the events below to register and check back weekly for further updates.

Contact Meg, Bark’s Restoration Coordinator, Haley, Bark’s Education Programs Coordinator or Jordan, Bark’s Forest Watch Coordinator with any questions.

How else can I get involved?

If you have mobility issues, or for any reason cannot attend scheduled field volunteer days, we have a solution! We recognize that everyone has their own strengths, and we value your time, so let us use your volunteer power to the best of our ability! Linked below is a spreadsheet with a range of volunteer support needed: from proofreading our website to leading your own Bark event and everything in between.

View our Volunteer Independent Direction spreadsheet and contact Haley (haley@bark-out.org) with your choice of activity.

I want Bark merch!

Great! We love to see you support us and represent our cause. Two different shirts available: here.

A Typical Field Day

Groundtruthing + Wetland Campouts 2023

This year we are having 3 free campouts in the Mt. Hood National Forest where campers contribute their time to help gather field information about the ecosystem surrounding Mt. Hood.