Bear Springs Timber Sale

A small opening in the canopy with some understory saplings surrounded by overstory trees.

In response to our administrative appeal on January 20th 2010, the Forest Service withdrew its decision on this project. We celebrated the protecting of this area, home to beautiful east side forests that became dear to many Barkers’ hearts after siting a bear in the proposed sale during a Bark About hike. But shortly after announcing our victory, in the spring of 2011 the Forest Service re-released the same Decision Notice for the sale, with the same 1629 acres and no changes to the project.

Bark’s Concerns

On July 15th, Bark re-submitted an appeal on Bear Springs and were denied any of the site-specific changes that would have made the project better. For example, we asked that the Forest Service drop units that require building new roads. It seemed like a common sense approach, when the agency does not have the capacity to maintain 60% of its existing and deteriorating road system due to budget constraints on Mt Hood. Logging could begin on this sale as early as summer 2011. Please let us know if you witness any logging in the area via email

Unit 51