Imp Timber Sale

A volunteer is standing next to a a snag in the Imp Timber Sale. The snag is naturally hollowed out and the bark stands on the outer edges.

Thanks to a successful appeal, this project has been withdrawn! It included 88 acres of shelterwood regeneration of old growth forest. (That’s Forest Service code for CLEARCUT!)

Bark’s Concerns

“Within the Big Bottom watershed, one second growth stand is adjacent to and within the riparian area of Campbel Creek which is a tributary of the Clackamas River” (EA 4). 80 acres will be fertilized.

Resources for Comment-Writing

Habitats & Species

S&M Species: Hypogymnia oceanica
T&E Species: NSO CHU OR-11, NSO 1999 Bi-Op
Additional Species Info: “The Big Bottom area provides excellent spawning and rearing habitat for spring-run Chinook salmon, coho salmon, steelhead, and resident trout. This segment of the upper Clackamas River provides some of the higest qualiy spawning and rearing habitat fo ranadromous fish located on the Mt. Hood National Forest” (EA 14).