Bark Alert: Cooper Spur Land Exchange

Dear Friends of the Forest,

"The main thing I'm feeling is the irony of it. We spend hundreds of hours fighting because they're trying to log in riparian reserves and build roads more

Action Needed for our Forests!

What do our National Forests need to be more resilient?  If you're a D.C. politician, the current answer seems to be: More logging and less public participation! more

OR-25 confirmed on Mt. HoodBark Alert: Wolf in Mt. Hood

This past April, a collared wolf was confirmed in the forests of Mt. Hood! Wolves have been extirpated from the Cascades since 1947 and wildlife advocates around the Pacific Northwest have more

Bark Alert: A Clear Cut Motive

The BLM is having some unsettling daydreams about the future of our forests. They remind me of when I first started volunteering a few years back and Barkers had been trying to stop a logging project called Annie’s Cabin. more

Bark Alert: Summer Party!

I love the feeling of walking into a place filled with maps and photographs of my favorite places on Mt. Hood, books on what lives in our forests, and a community of people staying informed and sharing everything they know about how to defend our forests. more

Bark Alert: Tinder Loving Care

Bark is honored to present Dr. Dominick DellaSala, discussing his new book, The Ecological Importance of Mixed-Severity Forest Fires: Nature’s Phoenix at two upcoming events.

It’ more


August Bark About Hike
Sun, Aug 9th at 9:00 am

Join Bark volunteer hike leaders, herbalist Missy Rohs of Arctos School and naturalist Candace Larson, for a hike to the ... read more

Ecology Club: Bat night!
Mon, Aug 17th at 6:00 pm

Bat night! Bats are essential to forest ecosystems for their roles as predators, pollinators and seed dispersers. Come learn more about these amazing and mysterious creatures, and how to protect their habitat.

... read more

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Background on the controversial Jazz Timber Sale