Ways to Give

You can make a difference for Mt. Hood National Forest. Your support helps protect Mt. Hood’s forests, rivers, wildlife, and wilderness areas for generations to come.

Make a Donation

Bark’s work to defend and restore Mt. Hood National Forest is primarily funded by individuals like you and your donations and engagement directly enable our efforts.

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail your check addressed to “Bark” to:

P.O. Box 12065
Portland, OR 97212

Become a Forest Sustainer

Our reliance on member donations keeps us accountable to the communities that love Mt. Hood National Forest and means that our time fundraising is also time spent generating actions and political power. Bark’s dedicated community of Forest Sustainers provide dependable funding through modest monthly gifts that add up to big support. Plan secure automatic payments from your credit card or bank account and you will receive a tax receipt in January with your previous year’s donations.

Need to update your recurring donation? Visit our self-service page to update your payment information or contribution amount.

Workplace Giving & Employer Matching

Does your employer have a workplace giving program? Many employers have payroll deduction programs that will match charitable gifts made by their employees—doubling or even tripling the impact of your contributions! Ask your employer if your workplace has a matching gift program.

  • Bark is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Tax-ID/EIN#: 93-1263288 

Donate through Paypal

Have a PayPal account? Donate through PayPal by following this link.

Host a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

Facebook as a social networking platform has power to connect and bolster Bark’s community. We’re grateful to those who started birthday fundraisers on behalf of Bark—and to their friends, family, and community who donated. It’s a simple thing, yet deeply impactful.   

Here’s how to host a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Bark in six easy steps:  

  1. Go to your Facebook account (or create one here)   
  2. Go to your ‘home’ page, and look on the left side column. You should see the ‘fundraiser’ option under “Create” at the bottom. Click on “fundraiser” and Facebook will walk you through.  
  3. Pick your charity: Bark!   
  4. Set your fundraising goal and timeframe. We’ve seen many successful fundraisers at $200 or even $500 or more! Set something that you feel good about and see where it goes! You can always raise the amount if you really want to challenge your friends.  
  5. Invite people on your friends list and engage with them! This is key. Share often on your timeline. While some people may be hesitant to invite people on their friends list, remember you’re giving them an opportunity to participate and support a mission that matters to you!   
  6. Thank people as they donate and watch numbers go up! Your community is donating to Bark because of YOU—because they love and appreciate you (and we do too!).

Legacy Giving

Want to make a lasting contribution to the forests, rivers, and wildlife of Mt. Hood? Consider including Bark into your will, living trust, or insurance policy.   

Gifts Through Your Bequest or Will   

Legacy gifts cost you nothing now, there is no minimum contribution, and you can be updated at any time. You can designate a specific amount, a percentage of your total estate, or a share of the residue after gifts to your heirs.  

Sample Bequest Language I hereby give to the Trustees of Bark, an Oregon charitable organization, tax identification number 93-1263288, (hereafter referred to as Bark), the following:

  • personal property (describe the item in detail), or
  • a sum of $____, or
  • percent % of the residue of my estate
Life Insurance, IRAs, 401Ks  

Leave Bark as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement ‘vehicle.’  Tax savings for these ‘vehicles’ vary, so consult your financial advisor to learn what suits your situation.

Real Estate or Vehicles 

If you’d like to donate a house, a piece of property, or a vehicle to Bark, we graciously accept it. Gifts are evaluated by their long-term maintenance or relevance to the Bark’s mission, and may be a determining factor.

For more information or to notify us that you would like to make a legacy gift, please contact our Director of Community Engagement and Communications, Jade Hagan, at jade@bark-out.org.

Donating Needed Items for Campouts

Support Bark’s grassroots efforts in the forest by donating new or lightly used materials! For inquiries about particular item donations not listed below, reach out to jade@bark-out.org.

Bottle Drop @ Oregon Redemption Center 

BottleDrop is a statewide network of services, locations, and programs centered around Oregon’s bottle deposit. BottleDrop allows individuals to return deposit containers for refund that can be sent to non-profits. Bark is a participating Nonprofit. Donors can use the website or application to transfers funds from their BottleDrop account to Bark. Donors can also contact us about picking up BottleDrop Blue Bags from the Bark office.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about any of these options to support Bark’s work, please reach out to Bark’s Director of Community Engagement and Communications, Jade Hagan, at jade@bark-out.org.