Clear Dodger Timber Sale

In the forefront of the photo there is a snag amongst an old clear cut. The sky is hazy as if there is a fire nearby the area. There is forest in the background.

The original proposal for this sale was reviewed in the context of the elimination of survey and manage requirements (ie not having to survey for wildlife gave them a chance to make the proposal much bigger and badder…thanks Bush!) which were later determined illegal by Judge Pechman of the U.S. District Court. Bark successfully appealed this initial proposal to eliminate old-growth stands. However, the BLM came out with a new and slightly improved Clear Dodger Timber Sale targeting native forests, which happen to be very rare in this area near Estacada — Clear Dodger is surrounded by farms on private land and clear cuts, including other logging projects nearby that Bark was not successful in stopping (the Unguard, Guard , Artful Dodger and Clear Timber Sales).

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Habitats & Species

S&M Species: Great Gray Owl T&E Species: Northern Spotted Owl Other Species: Northern GoshawkOregon Slender Salamander Additional Species Info: An employee for a subcontractor hired to conduct fungi surveys for the sale has made official complaints to the BLM. He contends that some of his paperwork and samples were intentionally destroyed. This raises serious concerns about the accuracy of rare and sensitive species surveys conducted for the sale.

Potential Activites Harvest of mature timber (65 to 90 years old) Road decomissioning, rebuilding Stream and riparian area restoration. Cumulative Impacts There has been extensive private land and other public lands logging. For example, the following timber sales have been recently logged in the area immediately around Clear Dodger * Guard 3.5 mmbf Forest Service sale over 134 acres* Unguard a .5 mmbf Forest Service sale over 22 acres* Artful Dodger a 1.8 mmbf BLM sale in Section 30 logged in late 1990s* Clear, a 2.6 mmbf Forest Service sale over 490 acres logged in the last few years. The harvest of Clear Dodger, along with these adjacent clear cuts, may severely degrade habitat on a watershed scale.


Closed roads will be reopened to facilitate logging this forest. Reconstruction Miles: 4.7