Hillock Timber Sale

This picture was taken standing in front of a beaver dam constructed by small twigs and logs. In the background is a shallow lake outlined by a darker green forest.

The Hillock project was sold to Douglas County, Inc. on January 24, 2006.

Bark’s Concerns

According to the EA, two Projects are analyzed in this EA. Project 1 is the Hillock timber sale is a proposal to thin approximately 450 acres in the General Forest Management Area (GFMA) portion of the Matrix land use allocation (LUA) and approximately 50 acres in adjacent portions of those stands in the Riparian Reserve LUA.Project 2 is the Helens Lake Shore Area and Goat Mountain OHV Trail Restoration is a proposal to repair damage caused by dispersed camping, off highway vehicle use, and other recreational activities in the same general area.(EA) The Hillock area is some of the last remaining stands of healthy trees in a heavily logged over fragmented landscape with a few pockets of mature forest. The southern portion of Hillock 26 contains a beautiful grove of old growth and 2 beaver operated ponds. It is quite steep.