the Understory: Fen, Bog and Swamp

For March 25th,we are reading:

Fen, Bog and Swamp

A Short History of Peatland Destruction and Its Role in the Climate Crisis

By Annie Proulx

Annie Proulx brings her witness and research to the subject of wetlands and the vitally important role they play in preserving the environment—by storing the carbon emissions that accelerate climate change. Fens, bogs, swamps, and marine estuaries are crucial to the earth’s survival, and in four illuminating parts, Proulx documents their systemic destruction in pursuit of profit.

If you’d like to participate, please have read the above selection by the meeting date so that you can show up authentically and contribute to the conversation meaningfully. We will have an open discussion, with leading questions if necessary, to help digest and possibly apply what was presented in the selection. Come meet others interested in the same things you are.

Bark’s The Understory book club is on a mission to maintain a robust and active study group as a strategy to deepen Bark’s engagement with environmental literature beyond the typical canon of white, western, male, and scientific writing. The Understory strives to develop cultural humility and promote radical environmental justice in our organization and community and by focusing on readings that support our collective and individual practices of decolonization, anti-oppression, and cultural transformation. 

The Understory meets in the Bark office on the last Monday of the month and will follow Bark’s COVID fieldwork protocol.