Bark’s Guide to Forest Policy

A forest regenerating after the Eagle Creek Fire

Update: Good news! We will be hosting this event in a hybrid format, which means you can tune in via zoom or in person! Register and you’ll receive a zoom link via email.

1.1 million acres of land surrounding an ancient volcano are known today as Mt. Hood National Forest. But what does that actually mean? How did a National Forest designation change how the landscape was managed? How did it impact the ecosystem and the people who lived there and continue to live there? What laws and policies direct how those lands are managed today? And how can we, the public, work to influence management decisions on the forest?

For 25 years, Bark has organized, trained, and empowered the public to influence Forest Service management decisions. Whether it’s groundtruthing timber sales, writing public comments, or even direct-action protests, it all starts with a better understanding of how the National Forest is managed.

This training, hosted in the Bark office by Forest Watch Coordinator Jordan Latter, will seek to demystify Mt Hood National Forest management and give you an introductory knowledge on how to influence its future. We hope to see you there!