Turnridge Timber Sale

This is a picture of a person leaning up against a large old growth Douglas Fir. There is ample green understory of ferns present.

EA expected in Summer 2002. Surveys complete for red tree voles, vascular plants, bryophytes, and spring fungi. Fall fungi surveys remaining. Many protected species have been found in the units. Most of the proposed units for the Turnridge sale contain some of the largest remaining trees in the Rock Creek drainage.

Bark’s Concerns

Thinning and Regeneration Harvests. Some of the proposed units are mostly mature forests with some isolated remnant old growth trees and some stands have larger groves of entirely old growth trees. There are several small wetlands inside proposed units as well, with skunk cabbage and sedges in evidence. Several units such as unit A-2, already show signs of highly erodible soils with slumps and mass wasting in evidence. Logging these units especially with ground based logging methods would result in degraded soil productivity and turbid streams.

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