Slip CE Timber Sale

The Forest Service determined that the Slip Thinning Project should be categorically Excluded (CE) from having an Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement. The CE authorities have been put in place by the Bush Administration. We do not support proceeding with projects without an environmental analysis.

Resources for Comment-Writing

Habitats & Species

S&M Species: Lower Columbia River steelheadNorthern Spotted OwlLower Columbia River cohoUpper Willamette chinook
T&E Species: Redband troutColumbia dusky snail
Other Species: Middle Columbia River steelheadBald EagleCanada Lynx
Additional Species Info: Under the NW Forest Plan, the Clackamas River is designated a tier 1 Key watershed, a crucial refugia for at-risk fish species.”


Wet season : log haul only permitted on asphalt or rocked roads
Nov. 1- May 31 : operation of off-road, ground-based equipment prohibited . Restricted Units: ground based portion of harvest units and ground based equipment