Juncrock Timber Sale

A Trillium flower offcenter in the photo growing off a moist forest floor. There are other leaves, mosses and twigs in the picture. This picture was taken within the Juncrock Timber Sale.

This project was canceled due to a successful appeal by Bark and ONRC thanks to great legal work on the part of WELC!

Bark’s Concerns

Cathedral Development – 97 acres – 40-70 canopy closure, Cathedral Maintenance – 84 acres – 40-70 Mature Open Multistory Enhancement – 82 acres – 30-60 Open multistory, Redvelopment – 103 acres – 20-70 , avg 40-50 Restoration – 185 acres – 5-50 , avg 20 * One of the units of Juncrock was labelled Hi-South 2. Is the Forest Service planning on auctioning some units of Hilynx and Juncrock together? The sale 100 Tractor logging.