Fivemile Timber Sale

3/10/04 The Forest Service began the 2004 logging season on Mt. Hood early, obtaining controversial winter logging waivers on the East Fivemile timber sales. Logging at East Fivemile will result in a take ‘(i.e. killing) of three Northern spotted owls despite their status as an Endangered Species. It’s important to contact your elected officials and let them know that logging old growth when less than 5% remains in the United States is totally unacceptable. West Five Mile was auctioned to High Cascade Lumber on May 30th 2003 for $84. 870.90. East Fivemile was auctioned to High Cascade lumber for $480 357.58 on March 7th, 2003.

The 5 Mile sales are fairly high elevation eastside transition forest containing a mix of old-growth and young dense stands. The fire lookout on Fivemile Butte is near the middle of the sale. Fivemile was intended to reduce fire risk yet they removed many of the largest most fire-resistant trees and log within riparian areas.

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current road density 3.2 miles per square acre. The Prospectus lists the Road Reconstruction at 22.8 km. Reconstruction for West Five Mile is 2.4 km. Reconstruction Miles: 0.5

Habitats & Species

T&E Species: Spotted Owls – 3 takes NSO Bi-Op ? Steelhead Other Species: Wolverine Cascades Frogtailed frog black-backed woodpecker Additional Species Info: Some of the Riparian buffers are as narrow as 25 feet. The two five mile sales will take ‘ 3 spotted owls.’