2007 Thin Timber Sale

This is a cross section of a cut tree. It is cut unevenly in a diagonal through the middle.

Released in May, 2006, the 2007 Thin has the largest acreage ever proposed for a timber sale in the Clackamas Ranger District. The final Decision Notice of this project has been issued and logging is assumed to be started.

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The 56.6 miles of road closure ” only applies to Alternative C in the Preliminary Assessment (PA). Alternative B is the Forest Service ‘s proposed alternative

Habitats & Species

T&E Species: Columbia River steelheadUpper Willamette chinookLower Columbia cohoNorthern Spotted Owl
Other Species: Cope ‘s giant salamander (S and M)Oregon Spotted Frog (S and M)American Peregrin Falcon (S and M)Pacific Fringe-Tailed Bat