Meet the Outreach Team

Color photo of a group of people by the Bark office, in front of a rhodedendron and brick wall holding Bark ephemera smiling for the camera

When a Bark outreach representative comes to your neighborhood, greets you on the street, or calls you over the phone, it’s a unique opportunity to ask a real person what is happening with Mt. Hood’s forests and waters and how we can work together to protect them.  

Bark’s outreach representatives are well versed in Bark’s work and can update you on the latest victories and challenges that we’ve faced in our work to defend and restore Mt. Hood National Forest. They have engaged with over two hundred thousand households in the past decade alone! By walking our neighborhoods and phone-banking, we can empower and organize community members to act to protect the future of this region’s precious ecosystems.  

Most Bark donors first find out about us through our Outreach Team. Collectively these donors provide 81% of Bark’s total funding! More importantly, Bark’s neighborhood outreach has grown our base of support to over 25,000 Barkers ready to help Mt. Hood’s forests and waters.  

Bark’s outreach representatives gather signed postcards, collect hand-written letters in opposition of timber sales, They invite the community to our monthly events occurring in town and in the forest. They also connect with people who can help Mt. Hood in other unique ways.  

If an outreach team member knocks on your door or calls you on the phone, take advantage of this opportunity to engage in Bark’s work. Ask questions, make a tax-deductible donation, and, most importantly, be kind. Extra thoughtful things to do when an outreach team member is at your door include asking if they need to use the restroom, offering a snack or to refill their water bottle. Every day, our outreach team connects with amazing community members like you and works to spread hope for the future of Mt. Hood National Forest.