A Typical Field Day

After registering, you will get a confirmation email and a follow-up email with details about the trip the week before the field day. This follow-up email will include:

Hooray! You’re signed up for a field day! Here is what to expect.

  • An email will be sent to you 1 week before the field day or 2 weeks before a campout with the following information
    • Coordinates to the survey location
    • Contact information for the Bark staff person coordinating the field day    
    • A description of the weather forecast and/or a link to the weather forecast  
    • A packing list 
    • A list of resources to review before the field day:
      • Groundtruthing trips: relevant information to review about the timber sale you’ll be visiting
      • Wetland mapping and beaver habitat surveys: resources to download onto a smartphone for use in the field
      • Training resources to review such as videos
    • COVID fieldwork safety protocols
    • Bark’s Driver Agreements  
    • Bark’s Waiver and COVID Screening Form to fill out before the trip 
  • Please respond to this email with: 
    • Your COVID Screening Form
    • Accessibility and/or medical needs
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please send this as early as possible! Our fieldwork staff busy in the summer and often won’t be available to answer emails right away or the night before a field day. 

During the Field Day

Time frames can vary based on the distance the survey location is from the meetup, what time field day participants need to get back home, and the time of year. We have some flexibility around this, so please reach out if you have a specific time we need to consider or need other changes to the outlined schedule.    

9:00 am: meetup at Gateway/NE 99th Ave. TC Park and Ride parking garage and drive to the survey location

  • We will organize carpools at the meet-up location. Carpooling is optional but extremely helpful! Please review the Covid-19 policies and expectations for drivers if you plan to carpool.
  • If meeting at the Gateway/NE 99th Ave. TC Park and Ride parking garage is inconvenient and you would prefer to meet somewhere closer to the survey location, reach out to Meg so we can coordinate.
  • Sometimes we also meet at locations outside Portland (usually in Welches, Estacada, or Hood River) around 10 am. The meeting spot will have cell service, and, unless stated in the email, access to grocery stores and gas stations in case you need to get water, food, gear, gas, or use the bathroom before heading into the forest. This meeting spot can also be busy, depending on the day.
  • Once everyone arrives, there will be a brief introduction, overview of the day’s plans, and driving directions to the survey location will be provided. 

10:30 am: Arrive at the meeting spot near survey location. 

  • Depending on the survey location, this tends to be a 1-2.5 hour drive from Portland. 
  • Here we will do more thorough introductions, review the survey gear and practices, go over safety considerations, organize groups, pass out gear, and discuss any other questions or concerns. 

11:00 am: Head to survey areas and begin fieldwork. Be sure to bring your lunch! 

  • Depending on your group or project, your survey area may be small, large, steep, or flat. Site conditions vary significantly. Please include concerns about terrain in your accessibility statement or reach out to Meg directly before the field day.
  • Email Meg with questions or communicate with the Bark staff person coordinating the field day if you have specific requests. 
  • Plan to eat lunch in the field, away from the vehicles. Bring plenty of water!

3:45 pm: Meet back at cars after fieldwork. 

  • Meetup time after your survey will change depending on the length of the drive back to Portland (we aim to return to the meetup location by 5-6pm), the time of year (if the sun sets early, we don’t want to be out too close to dark), and whether anyone in the group needs to get back at a specific time.  
  • Here everyone will finish filling out the survey forms, you return Bark survey gear, and debrief the day (talk about exciting finds, ask questions, etc.). 

4:00 pm: Head back home. 


Following the field day, you will receive an email asking you to: