Rusty Saw Timber Sale

This is a photo taken in the Rusty Saw Timber Sale focusing on the understory and midstory of the forest. The trees are dark green with dark green ferns and have some light coming through the canopy.

Auctioned via sealed bid in June 24, 2003. Sold to only bidder, Rosboro Lumber, for $178,032 or $56.91 per ccf, which is 200 less than 2001 appraised price of this sale per ccf. This was the third time they tried to auction this sale. There were no bidders the first two times. The sale price has been nearly dropped in half from its initial value. The Rusty Saw Timber Sale will log only 3 miles NW of where the Eagle Creek Tree-sits were.

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timber sale notice states .02 acres ‘ of road improvement needing 140 cubic yards aggregate’ Reconstruction Miles: 1.6