McCubbins Gulch OHV Area

The final design of the Mt. Hood OHV Plan includes the McCubbins Gulch OHV area. The original OHV Plan proposal included six OHV play areas, but the final decision limited OHV play areas to three of the originally proposed areas. While the Mt. Hood OHV Plan is not perfect, it is a great improvement on the original proposal and has limited OHV use to historically heavily-used OHV areas and avoids proximity to Wilderness Areas while making OHV access illegal to all areas of the forest not designated for OHV use.

Visit the Forest Service webpage to see maps of OHV areas on Mt. Hood:

The McCubbins Gulch OHV area extends into the White River Wild and Scenic area. This area has been used by off-roaders for a number of years and there is a proliferation of user created routes that impact the ecology of the area.

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