Billy Bob Timber Sale

There is a little stream of snow in the front of a dry forest.

Billy Bob is a recent extension of the Miles Creek area. It is nearby the Eight Mile Meadow Timber Sale (a categorical exclusion ‘ sale). Billy Bob has begun with a collaborative group. After only two meetings it was revealed that the Forest Service has already made acreage decisions without a formal recommendation by the collaborative group. This revelation was made when a court ruling made the decision that all sales using 2004 Survey and Manage standards would need to be surveyed again using original and more stringent 2001 Survey and Manage standards. Billy Bob was listed on the contentious timber sales with a listed acreage allotment.The Sportsman ‘s Park project was similarly started as a collaborative group. Seen as a fairly insignificant project Sportsman ‘s Park was the only project that did not comment on in 2005. Without our influence and impact Sportsman ‘s Park grew to be a 900-acre categorical exclusion! We cannot let this same fate fall on Billy Bob.