Bark Alert: Cooper Spur Land Exchange

Dear Friends of the Forest,

"The main thing I'm feeling is the irony of it. We spend hundreds of hours fighting because they're trying to log in riparian reserves and build roads more

OR-25 confirmed on Mt. HoodBark Alert: Wolf in Mt. Hood

This past April, a collared wolf was confirmed in the forests of Mt. Hood! Wolves have been extirpated from the Cascades since 1947 and wildlife advocates around the Pacific Northwest have more

Bark Alert: A Clear Cut Motive

The BLM is having some unsettling daydreams about the future of our forests. They remind me of when I first started volunteering a few years back and Barkers had been trying to stop a logging project called Annie’s Cabin. more

Bark Alert: Summer Party!

I love the feeling of walking into a place filled with maps and photographs of my favorite places on Mt. Hood, books on what lives in our forests, and a community of people staying informed and sharing everything they know about how to defend our forests. more

Bark Alert: Tinder Loving Care

Bark is honored to present Dr. Dominick DellaSala, discussing his new book, The Ecological Importance of Mixed-Severity Forest Fires: Nature’s Phoenix at two upcoming events.

It’ more

amy setting up the projector screenNew Office Wishlist

We're getting more settled in our new office and it's great! We can't wait to celebrate with our community at our office-warming party more

Bark Alert: Two ways to explore Mt. Hood this week

This week is the best time of year to be involved with Bark. Let me tell you why: more

Speak for the Trees: BLM Open House, June 15

I know it's cliche for a forest activist, but Dr. Seuss's Lorax is one of my favorite literary characters.  When his beloved truffula trees are being logged, he appears and proclaims "I am more

Bark Alert: Forest field trips, office warming, and more...

I hope you will join me this summer in our forest (or at our new office) to explore, relax, learn, adventure, seek and find your own special place on Mt. Hood! more

BLM holds WOPR listening session in Portland area

Thanks for taking action - it worked! Barkers demanded that the Bureau of Land Management host a Portland Open House for their future plans in Oregon's forests and they have confirmed a date for public input. more

We're Moving! New, Expanded Headquarters!

After many months in the works, we can't wait to open our doors. Our new address is 351 NE 18th Ave, just off Sandy Blvd. in Portland. We've found a space that we hope to transform into a place for our community to gather. more

Bark Welcomes Artist-in-Residence Gary Wiseman

Local arts organization, Signal Fire created the Tinderbox Residency as a way to connect artists and environmental organizations. more

BLM needs to hear from YOU!

The Bureau of Land Management's timber program in Western Oregon is somewhat of an anomaly.  Created after a corporate land-swap gone bad in the 1930s, the BLM more

Clackamas Victory!

As Mt. Hood's forests were burning in the 36-Pit Fire so was Bark's office. Here's a lemons-to-lemonade story worth reading... more