Base Camp Ground Rules

Ground Rules for Attendees of Bark’s Summer Campouts
All participants are expected to follow the ground rules set below.


Regarding Forest Service and Law Enforcement Officers (“LEOs”)

  • No alcohol or federal & state-determined illegal drugs allowed  
  • Don’t talk substantively to Law Enforcement Officers; direct them to LEO liaison
  • Respect and follow posted Forest Service orders, such as burn bans
  • Do not damage/destroy Forest Service property or equipment


Regarding Camp Safety and Happiness

  • Participate in group activities & help with communal camp chores
  • Notify group leader of problems/dangers/concerns
  • Always check in/out with camp host when arriving or leaving camp
  • Respect Basecamp materials and equipment
  • Always use designated latrine for poop (check in with camp host for location and tutorial); walk out of sight of camp to pee
  • Keep camp clean and dispose of trash properly
  • Be responsible for your pet and follow Bark’s dog protocol
  • Don’t drink untreated water
  • Refrain from picking vegetation or creating unnecessary damage to the forest
  • Quiet in common area from 10pm to 7am
  • No smoking in common areas (dispose of butts properly!)
  • No individual campfires


Regarding Interpersonal Respect

  • We reserve right to ask individuals to leave
  • Offensive or unsafe behavior will not be tolerated
  • Discrimination or oppressive behavior will not be tolerated
  • Be mindful and respect people’s physical and emotional boundaries (e.g. don’t touch people/belongings without permission)
  • Respect the judgement and requests of group leaders
  • Watch out for other campers and help when needed
  • Ask for what you need (within reason) and know your limits
  • Be mindful of space you take up in group settings


Regarding Dog Protocol

  • All dogs must wear a collar/harness and have a leash available at any time
  • Hike and event leaders will make judgement calls about whether or not dogs must be leashed for a given hike or event
  • Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up all dog poop from campsites and trails as well as disposing of it properly
  • Dogs are not allowed in kitchen/food spaces
  • Uncontrollable dogs or breaking of dog rules will not be tolerated and said dog(s) will be asked to leave. This includes but is not limited to instances such as damage to the environment, damage to gear or food, injury to campers, dog fights and refusal to leash dogs upon request.
  • Dogs must not be left unattended