Campout Expectations

The entire event is both family-friendly and free! NW Forest Pass will not be necessary to park.  This will be a primitive campsite and will not be ADA accessible. Well behaved dogs (or other pets) are welcome (please see the ground rules for expectations).  Disruptive animals and their owners will be kindly asked to leave. Please review the Campout Ground Rules before attending.

Be prepared for: 

  • No electricity 
  • No cell service or wifi 
  • No garbage pickup 
  • No flush toilets: we will dig a large trench for the group to use and there will options for be digging individual catholes. Instructions, a shovel (with sanitization materials), and a handwash station will be provided. Using the trench or a cathole requires squatting. 
  • No plumbing: please plan to bring your own water for your stay. 
  • Camp Kitchen Expectations: respecting sanitization procedures around the kitchen

We provide: 

  • A Shaded Camp Kitchen: large 3 burner stove with propane, 2 food prep tables, cooking utensils, knives, selection of cutting boards (one specified meat free, allergen free), various large serving bowls, strainer
  • Dishwashing station and cleaning supplies
  • Toilet chair if requested
  • Shovel for digging catholes and a latrine (a dug out trench) with privacy screens
  • Sanitization materials (alcohol wipes, toilet paper, wet wipes, minimal cleaning supplies) 
  • First aid packets and extra first aid supplies
  • Supplies for groundtruthing and beaver and wetland mapping surveys 
  • Training for conducting surveys 

Plan to bring yourself: 

Driving, Directions, & Parking

You will receive a carpooling spreadsheet after signing up for the campout. We provide more information on parking and directions to camp for anyone who signs up for the trip. If you plan on driving, please remember to review Bark’s Expectations for Drivers.

Campout Agenda

On Day 1, we will meet somewhere between Portland and our final destination (such as Welches or Hood River), caravan to the survey locations, and split up into group to groundtruth the forest, survey potential beaver habitat, or begin mapping wetlands in the area. We will meet up at the end of the day and head back to camp.  At camp we will debrief the day, share our experiences, and make our separate meals. There will be plenty of room to spread out in the common areas and plenty of room to set up your camp well-distanced from other campers.  More information on the campsites and survey locations will be provided to those who sign up for each weekend. 

  • 10am- arrive at meetup location
  • 11am- arrive at survey location 
  • 4pm- reconvene after surveys and head to the camp 

On the following days (days 2-3 or 4), we have a morning huddle/meeting around 9:30 am and separate into groups for the day’s surveys. If you are planning on arriving on one of these days, you will need to get to the campsite by 10 am.  

  • 9:30am- morning meetup to set up survey groups, anyone arriving should be at camp by this time 
  • 10am- head to survey locations 
  • 5pm- return to camp 

On the final day (day 3 or 4), we will pack up camp at the beginning or end of the surveys. We will aim to leave in time for participants returning to Portland to arrive between 5 and 6 pm.