Tarzan Timber Sale

This is a close up photo of a Forest Service boundary sign nailed to a tree in the Tarzan Timber Sale.

Jane was auctioned on Friday, 10/17 to Thomas Creek Lumber and Tarzan was sold on Feb 7th, 2003 to Thomas Creek Lumber for $387,881.

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According to EA, there will be several miles of road reconstruction. According to prospectus, there will be 9.8 miles of road reconstruction. Road Reconstruction will occur on the 4670 road for the first 7.4 miles, and on 4650 road from 0.0 to mile 2.4.

Habitats & Species

T&E Species: NSO CHU OR-11NSO 1998 Bi-Op, Peregrine Falcon Nests
Additional Species Info: The Tarzan project ‘may effect ‘ Bull Trout, Lower Columbia Steelhead, Lower Columbia Cutthroat Trout, and Lower Columbia Coho Salmon. This project would destroy 213 acres and degrade 116 acres of Nesting, Roosting, and Foraging habitat for Northern Spotted Owls. 2 of the units occur in designated Spotted Owl Critical Habitat. No surveys for Peregrine Falcons have been done since 1993 when 2 nest sites were found just outside the boundary of the Tarzan project area. Several adjacent sites were classified at that time as having potential for peregrine nesting. 21 of the Tarzan project units are within 3 miles of a known eyrie (nest site).

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