Orchard Timber Sale

Orchard ‘s beautiful forests was sold to the only bidder, Rosboro lumber, on 3/19/04. The previous attempt was on 12/19/2003 and prior to that on Friday, 10/17/03.

Resources for Comment-Writing

Habitats & Species

T&E Species: NSO 1999 Bi-Op, Peregrine Falcon, Lower Columbia Steelhead, Upper Willamette River Chinook
Other Species: Lower Columbia River Coho Salmon, Lower Columbia River Cutthroat Trout,Deer and Elk, Pine Marten and Pileated Woodpecker


Nov 1st – May 31st : No off road ground based equipment skyline okay. Restricted Units: 1,2a,3
Jan 1st – July 31st : No Blasting. Restricted Units: all
Dec 1st – March 31st : No harvest, road construction, use of motorized vechicle or blasting. Restricted Units: North 1, 2a, and 3
March 1-July 15th : No Yarding. Restricted Units: All