LaDee Flats OHV Area

The final design of Mt. Hood’s OHV plan includes the LaDee Flats OHV Area. Read on for information about our concerns with the original proposal. Visit the Forest Service website for OHV use maps:

For over 15 years the Forest Service has been struggling to manage illegal OHV use and associated activities (shooting, dumping, etc.) in the proposed LaDee Flat OHV area. Attempts to stop resource damage from occurring included an area closure, multiple cleanup efforts by SOLV and Dumpstoppers, reposting of the closure sign, and constant replacement of closure devices.

Regardless of the Forest Service ‘s reasoning for including La Dee, Bark is concerned that the North Fork Clackamas River will be degraded by the cumulative impacts of OHV use and logging. The No Whisky Timber Sale was logged in the OHV area in 2012, exacerbating watershed impacts. For information on No Whisky including photos of the area and some of the OHV damage please visit the No Whisky project page under ‘logged’ timber sales on our website. The No Whisky EA states that past Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) and off-road use of skidtrails and roads in the Ladee Flats area has resulted in ongoing erosion. It goes on further to suggest that new skid trails created by No Whisky may lead to increased OHV use in units adjacent to FS Rds 4610 and 4611.

Additional issues raised in the No Whisky EA include ‘The localized effect of OHV use within small wetlands and meadows in the La Dee area has resulted in the degradation of some of these habitats. ‘ EA p 68 ‘Within the project area unauthorized OHV use and shooting are occurring. . . . Areas used for shooting are also littered with debris, trash, shells, broken glass, and other remnants of targets. Trees are often targeted until they fall… ‘ EA p 85 ‘The District has implemented various projects to reduce unauthorized use. However there are still concerns that logging activities could make new areas avoidable for OHV use and/or shooting. ‘ EA p 85’

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