Journey Down The Clackamas, with the Clackamas River Basin Council!

Photograph of the Clackamas River in winter. Some woody debris has piled up in the middle, creating wildlife habitat and slowing the river's current.

Journey Down The Clackamas,” a year-long profile of a uniquely Oregon river, will begin March 9 in a series of in-depth webinars covering every aspect of the Clackamas, lifeline for fields, forests, fish, wildlife and humans.

The sessions are free and open to everyone. The Journey is sponsored by the Clackamas River Basin Council and presented in the Zoom format. Registration is necessary to provide attendees with the correct links, but the Basin Council will not use the information for any other purpose.

In 33 one-to-two hour online webinars, an impressive array of engineers, scientists, political leaders, agency officials, educators and many others have volunteered to share their expertise about the many facets of the Clackamas River basin, including some of the latest research occurring within its boundaries.

The Clackamas River provides drinking water to more than 300,000 community members from Estacada, Damascus, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Gladstone, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Tigard.

Tens of thousands more work within the watershed or use the river, including conservation professionals, anglers, rafters, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts as well as timber producers, nursery farmers, agricultural landowners.

Subjects will cover everything about the river, from its birth on 7,218-foot high Olallie Butte to its confluence with the Willamette River, 83 miles away. The Journey will cover geology, hydrology, water quality, forestry, agriculture, fish, wildlife, recreation, history, indigenous culture and public policy.

Each webinar will be recorded and made available to the public. This will extend viewing opportunities for student discussions, restoration professionals, local residents interested in stewardship and as an introduction for community members.

Many of the sessions may also qualify for Professional Development Hours, to be determined on a case by case basis.

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