Better Bark Abouts and Ecology Clubs

Color photo of a group of Bark volunteers digging in a pile of slash. Some are hunched over shovels while others are taking a moment.

We’re taking a pause on Bark Abouts and Ecology Clubs this winter to reflect on these programs and better integrate environmental justice and anti-oppression practices into these spaces. We need your experience, perspective, and input to do this! Join us for our first meeting to explore how we can improve Bark’s volunteer-led programming. 

To get ready for this meeting, please read these articles on creating inclusive volunteer spaces, one volunteer’s reflection on needing structures and collective action to forward anti-racism, and the whiteness of environmental groups and spend some time with these questions: 

  • What purpose do Bark Abouts and Ecology Clubs serve? What was the original intent of these programs and how do they currently function?  
  • Who are Bark Abouts and Ecology Clubs for? Who is welcomed and invited by the way these spaces are framed and structured? 
  • What should we be considering, what questions do we need to follow up on, and what actions should we take as we take a step back to reorganize these programs?