Inner Bark: Climate Leadership

Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, Mt. Hood NF

While knowing climate change is real, communicating that is hard. It’s easy to come across as hopeless, aggressive, or “preachy” but with a couple of tools, you can pretty succinctly explain why our earth needs a little extra help.

Using the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) framework, you’ll get an hour crash course on climate discussions and then 30 minutes on Mt. Hood National Forest and climate might affect it in the future.

This 1.5-hour course offers an introduction to effectively communicating the local and global impacts of human-caused climate change. From fields like paleoclimatology and climate science, we will build from an understanding of how the climate has changed in the distant past. We will discuss climate solutions and practice effective climate communication techniques. A major purpose of this course is to empower climate communication for the community.

This is the sign up form for Inner Bark, the evening info series that digs beneath the surface of social and ecological happenings in Mt. Hood’s forests.

Past Inner Barks (formerly known as Ecology Club) have featured topics such as: fire ecology, lichens, mushrooms, politics and power in natural resource mapping, knot tying, tree identification, beavers, and much more. Inner Bark features both expert presenters sharing their knowledge and experiences and group-lead discussions on a given topic. 

This event is inside at the Bark office.