Monthly Giving

Your Forest Sustainer membership means a lot to us! Our reliance on member donations keeps us accountable to the communities that love Mt. Hood National Forest and means that our time fundraising is also time spent generating actions and political power.

Bark is people-powered: Last year, Forest Sustainers constituted 52% of our budget and other member donations represented 27%, for a total of 79% of Bark’s funding coming from members! How is this funding ratio unique? For most Oregon non-profits, their entire membership generates only 35% of organizational revenue. Those organizations are left a big gap to fill, often from government grants and service contracts. But thanks to members, the majority of our budget needs are filled by individuals like you. 

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We process all monthly donations on the 15th of the month, and usually can't make changes after the 11th. If you need to change or cancel your donations, simply contact Jenny Leis at the Bark office (503-331-0374 or  We will send you a tax-receipt in January of 2017 with your 2016 total donations.  Thanks!

(Please note that we process our monthly donations via a third party processor, Vanco Services ( You may see Vanco in your monthly bank statement.)