Base Camp Daily Schedule

While each day's schedule may vary, a typical day at camp will look like this:

  • 8:00AM: Breakfast/announcements
  • 9:00AM: Groundtruthing training
  • 10:00: Divide into teams, and get field routes prepared. Depart into the forest.
  • 10:00-5:00 pm: groups will be in the field participating in pertinent field work and groundtruthing. Teams arrive back at camp no later than 5:00PM.
  • 6:00PM: Dinner
  • 7:00-9:00 evening workshop or activity (see below)


Evening activities and workshops

Thursday 8/24: Camp orientation and set up, 5pm; Hootenanny Song Circle, 7-9pm

Friday 8/25: Updates from the Elliot State Forest with Portland Audubon, 7-9pm

Saturday 8/26: Oregon Wolf workshop, 7-9pm

Sunday 8/27: Wildlife tracking workshop with Cascadia Wild, time TBA

Monday 8/28: Surveying for Red tree voles with NEST, time TBA

Tuesday 8/29: Self Care for Activists, 7-9pm

Wednesday 8/30: Workshop TBA, 7-9pm

Thursday 8/31: Federal Forest Policy Workshop; with Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, 7-9pm

Friday 9/1: Workshop TBA, 7-9pm

Saturday 9/2: Caminata en la naturaleza, 7-9pm

Sunday 9/3: Native plant walk with the Devil's Club, time TBA; Mushroom workshop, 7-9pm

Monday 9/4: Medicinal Plant walk with the Arctos School, 7-9pm

Tuesday 9/5: Climate change & forest policy Fun Night, 7-9pm

Wednesday 9/6: Mosses - their amazing world 7-9pm

Thursday 9/7: Closing and break camp!