Fieldwork Training

Bark hosts in-person fieldwork trainings once or twice a year in the spring and summer. Find upcoming trainings on our events calendar.

If you can’t make it to an in-person training, review the materials below as an introduction to Bark’s fieldwork or a refresher before a field day. For questions about how Bark field days work, visit our page on What to Expect on a Field Day or email Misha, Bark’s Forest Watch Coordinator, with questions. After you’ve reviewed the videos, sign up for field day!

Beaver Habitat Surveys

Watch the recorded training from 0:48:50 through 1:13:30 for an overview of our Beaver Habitat Surveys and review our beaver survey scorecard follow along with the video.

Bark’s Beaver Habitat Survey Training

Wetland Mapping

Watch the following videos before coming out on a field day or training:

Watch Bark’s Wetland Mapping Video after watching the two introductory videos by ASWM


  • Wetland mapping datasheet
  • Resource Packet– This resource packet is provided to volunteers in the field and has all of the most important resources that you should familiarize yourself with for Wetland Mapping Surveys. This resource packet is referenced in the training video.
  • Wetland Verification and Classification Resources Folder-This google drive folder is full of an abundance of resources for your learning and exploration! Familiarize yourself with it, favorite it before going on a field day, and email Misha if you have more questions.


Watch our training videos below and review our groundtruthing datasheet before joining us on a field day.

More questions? Email Michael, Bark’s Forest Watch Coordinator or Misha, Bark’s Forest Assistant.