Wildcrafting Workshop: Charcoal Ink

Learn how to make and use charcoal pigment in your work 

Ride On

While the Forest Service’s blank check approach to fire suppression is a problem that needs attention and creative solutions; none should include a mandate for increased, expedited logging on public lands.

January Ecology Club: Searching for Bigfoot

This month we will be joined by Joe Beelart, author of the newly released Oregon Bigfoot Highway, a collection of stories of Bigfoot sightings in the Clackamas watershed of Mt. Hood National Forest!

Bark Alert: Spinning Fire

What if I told you the number of acres burning this summer is not actually more than should be expected? What if the Forest Service policy of suppressing all fire ignitions wastes millions of federal dollars? What if the media has it all wrong?

ACTION ALERT: Spotted owl habitat under fire!

Northern spotted owls are in trouble. On one hand, barred owls are displacing spotted owls where logging has degraded their habitat. On the other, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is approving more logging in what little critical habitat they have left—right here in Mt. Hood National Forest!

Are forest fires good for forests?

On my desk at the Bark office is a single Trivial Pursuit card. The Science & Nature question asks: “Are forest fires good for forests? What do you think the answer is?”

If you, like so many millions of Americans, have been brought up with Smokey Bear’s “Only YOU can prevent forest fires!” and are accustomed to reading headlines like “Blazing inferno destroys forest”, you may well answer the trivia question “no.”

The Oregonian: Logging and fire suppression follow the same path for forest management

Guest Opinion by Karen Coulter
"Despite the much-touted 'consensus' for more logging, some grass-roots ecological groups are still trying to stop the most ecologically destructive timber sales -- including misguided fuel-reduction projects -- using the legal process."


Restrictions put in place as fire danger levels rise in national forest

Fire levels for the Clackamas and Zigzag Ranger Districts will change from Low to Moderate.


Seattle Times: Bark beetle isn't wildfire culprit, scientists say

A new study finds that climate change is the culprit in catastrophic wildfires.


Bark Alert: Old growth assault and illegal fees on the Clackamas