Rad◦i◦cle Activist Training

In botany, the term radicle is given to the first part of a seedling to emerge from the seed during the process of germination. Rad◦i◦cle is Bark’s free, forest activist training program.

We hope our radicle offerings will encourage community members to develop new growth and deep roots in the environmental movement. Staff and volunteers develop and lead workshops, field days, and resources to empower the public to connect with and take part in the protection and care taking of the vibrant forest ecosystems that surround and support our communities.   

Trainings in Forest Ecology, Groundtruthing, and Wetland Restoration 

Share and develop skills to navigate the forest landscape and observe and recognize ecological conditions and characteristics across the forest. Get to know areas beyond the official hiking trails. Explore wetlands, meadows, old growth and recovering forests. Gain an understanding of the goals and impacts of projects and activities developed by the Forest Service. Learn about the ecologically destructive impact of commercial and industrial-scale activities. Get on-the-ground experience in ecological survey, mapping, and restoration projects. 

Workshops offered 2-3 times each year: 

  • Volunteer Orientation  
  • Groundtruthing 101: Fun with Maps 
  • Groundtruthing 201: Fun in the Forest 
  • Crash Course in Forest Ecology 
  • Post-logging Monitoring  
  • Post-Fire Monitoring

Trainings in Forest Policy, Advocacy and Public Engagement 

Share and develop skills to educate the public and influence decision-makers about the social and ecological issues impacting the forest and surrounding communities. Gain an understanding of the laws, policies, and movements impacting our relationship to the forest now and in the future. Practice public speaking, community organizing, and advocacy. Learn to navigate the official public input processes around forest management. Get to know and support the interests and needs of communities all around the forest.  

Workshops offered 2-3 times each year: 

  • Volunteer Orientation  
  • Forest Policy 101 
  • National Forests on Stolen Lands
  • Public Comment Writing 
  • Hike Leader Training

Just missed a training?

You can also get started by watching previous recorded trainings.